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What is the Common Information Model (CIM)?

What does CIM stand for?

itMyt Explains Common Information Model:

The Common InFormation Model (CIM) is a way of representing the diverse actively used Computing Devices related to an organization and the Relation between them. CIM is designed and published by using the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and is a part of Web-based totally corporation management (WBEM). The CIM model pursuits to simplify the task of coPing with specific computing devices in an Business enterprise.

What Does Common Information Model Mean?

Enterprises use special computing devices for their particular Functions, and every tool has particular associated Hardware and programs. To manage the gadgets effectively, the houses associated with each device and its utility, along with its relation to the other devices in the sySTEM, has to be represented. The CIM offers a Method of Object-orientated illustration of such gadgets, that's implemented using an item-oriented language consisting of Unified Modeling Language (UML). For Instance, a agency that buys one-of-a-kind Routers from Exceptional groups could be able to View the identical type of Records (together with name, model quantity, commUnity potential and Relationship to other devices and programs) and also will be capable of get entry to that statistics through a Software. CIM Makes use of XML to symbolize facts about the products it manages.

The CIM version uses instructions to symbolize computing devices together with difficult drives or printers. The CIM lessons assist features that include Query and status capabilities. The supervisor can query the homes from a CIM Class and gain insight on the tool represented. The supervisor also can modify the CIM elegance to include extra relationships or features within the tool represented. Both the general and particular homes of a device may be represented with the help of parent/child Inheritance.

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