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What is an Else Statement?

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In Programming Languages, an else Declaration is an alternative announcement that is completed if the result of a preceding take a look at circumstance evaLuates to fake.

What Does Else Statement Mean?

The Syntax of the else announcement could be very comparable between extraordinary excessive-degree Programming languages like PHP, Java, C/C /C#, Object Pascal, and so on. Even early programming languages along with Basic and Fortran have the capability to technique an else assertion as a part of a general syntactical technique to Linear Programming.

The else declaration is an elective declaration this is commonly utilized in an "if-else" or "if-else if-else" Construction. The manner the else announcement works is that, if the circumstance related to either the "if" or the "else if" manipulate structure is fake, application manipulate automatically is going to the else announcement, if present.

For Instance,

If X is proper Then Do Something Else Do Another Thing End If


If X = 1 Then Do Statement 1 Else If X = 2 Then Do Statement 2 Else Do Another Thing End If

Note that, unlike the "if" and "else if" manipulate structure, there is no check circumstance related to the else announcement.

In Object Pascal, the else declaration can also be used in a "case" announcement and it serves the equal cause as the "default statement" inside the C family of languages such as C/C , C# and Java.

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