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What is Texture Mapping?

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Texture mapPing refers to a image layout process that includes a “texture map” (a 2-D surface) that is “wrapped around” a three-D Object. In this manner, a three-dimensional item attains a floor texture that is similar to the surface texture of a two-dimensional floor. It is the virtual equal of applying Wallpaper, painting or masking any floor.

What Does Texture Mapping Mean?

Texture mapping is used for including element and texture (inside the shape of a Bitmap photo) to a 3-D item or color to a graphical three-D Model. Edwin Catmull in 1974 first used texture mapping on Computer-generated Graffiti. This approach basically mapped and Merged Pixels on a three-D surface. This technique is now known as diffuse mapping to differentiate it from different kinds of mapping strategies.

The advancements in automatic mapping techniques together with height mapping, Bump Mapping, ordinary mapping, displacement mapping, Reflection mapping, mipmaps and occlusion mapping have made it less complicated to give a sensible look to pc-generated three-D pictures.

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