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What is Windows 2000 (W2K)?

What does W2K stand for?

itMyt Explains Workaround:

Windows 2000 is an running System Designed by Microsoft to run utility applications, shop documents, assist Networking and offer other Functions like Multimedia and entertainment. It was in the beginning named as Windows NT 5.0 since it was the successor of Windows NT 4.0. Windows 2000 turned into launched on February 17, 2000

The variations of Windows 2000 consist of Professional, Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter Server. The Microsoft Management Console and System Administration programs together with some different center Components remain the identical in all four versions. New assistive technology for the disabled, new Internationalization requirements and Locale specific capabilities very some new Modules brought in Windows 2000. The other functions supported in Windows 2000 are the NTFS three.0 Record sySTEM, Encrypted File System, Dynamic Disk Storage, Active Directory Services and Distributed File System.

Windows 2000 is typically called Win2k.

Windows 2000 offers a bunch of features as compared to its predecessors. Windows Desktop UPDATE, Internet Explorer 5, FAT32 gadget help, Outlook Express, Connection Sharing, Net Meeting, Windows Driver Model, Windows Media Player are a number of the new functions included in Windows 2000. It turned into additionally the first Model to guide Hardware independent Hibernation. A File protection gadget became advanced that permits only operating Device based applications like Windows Installer and Registry to Make adjustments to the Windows working device core documents. The System File Checker makes use of an Integrity test to determine if the working machine center documents had been modified and the consumer can continually Dispose of the tampered record via replacing it with the original report with the assist of DLLCache.

The Plug and Play API become delivered to Windows 2000 that permits the detection of any hardware and its motive force viciNity mechanically (as a minimum in principle). It additionally listens to notifications sent by using the PnP tool. The Graphic User Interface (GUI) has been stronger in appearance by means of transparent, translucent and alpha blended GUI elements that can be related to top level windows. It brought a brand new customization Template called Active Desktop that lets in the consumer to excHange the appearance of documents and Folders the usage of HTML based appearance templates with an Extension HTT.

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