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What does FHMA stand for?

What does the abbreviation FHMA mean?

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Frequency HopPing Multiple Access (FHMA) is a Variety-spectrum transmission technology, which lets in simultaneous voice or inFormation communications to share the exact identical conversation medium.

This is completed with the aid of allowing the receiving and transmitting stations to regulate the frequency Swiftly in a pseudorandom sequence among numerous discrete radio channels. Transceivers are synchronized with a hopping series Computed from a predefined Algorithm. This hopping series can be cHanged correctly to avoid various other interference and transmissions inside the identical frequency band.

Frequency Hopping Multiple Access

FHMA lets various customers conCurrently occupy the precise same spectrum, where each consumer remains at a certain Narrowband channel at a selected time period, relying on the user’s precise PN Code.

Every user’s virtual facts are split into Bursts having uniform size, that are sent on various channels within the allotted spectrum band. The instantaneous Bandwidth of anyone transmission burst is very small as compared to the entire unfold bandwidth. The pseudorandom change of the user’s channel frequencies randomizes particular channel occupancies at any given time, for this reason allowing multiple Access thru a large Range of frequencies.

In the frequency-hopped (FH) Receiver, a locally designed PN code is applied to synchronize the imMediately frequency of the receiver with the Transmitter’s frequency. At any given period of time, a frequency-hopped Signal occupies best a unmarried, comparatively narrow channel as narrowband FM, or FSK is employed.

The primary distinction between FHMA and a trendy FDMA approach is that the frequency-hopped sign adjusts channels at speedy periods. In case the service frequency’s price of alternate is higher whilst as compared to the symbol price, the approach is regularly called a quick frequency hopping gadget.

If the price of trade is less than or same to the symbol fee, it's miles referred to as gradual frequency hopping machine. A rapid frequency hopping gadget would possibly for that reason be taken into consideration as an FDMA sySTEM that Makes use of frequency variety.

The FHMA structures generally utilize strength-efficient, Constant envelope Modulation. Cost-effective receivers may be designed to offer non-coherent detection of FHMA. This means that linearity isn't always a concern, and the strength of numerous customers at the receiver does no longer degrade the overall performance of FHMA.

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