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What is Line of Sight (LoS)?

What does LoS stand for?

itMyt Explains Line of Sight:

Line of sight (LoS) is a Form of propagation that may transmit and receive information simplest where transmit and acquire stations are in View of every different with none form of an impediment between them. FM radio, microwave and satellite tv for pc transmission are examples of line-of-sight verbal excHange.

What Does Line of Sight Mean?

Long-distance Data conversation is extra powerful through Wireless Networks however geographical barriers and the curvature of the earth carry boundaries to line-of-sight transmission. However, these problems can generally be mitigated through making plans, calculations and the use of additional technology.

For Instance, Cell phones use a modified line-of-sight transmission, which is made feasible via a aggregate of results like diffraction, multipath mirrored image, nearby Repeaters and fast Handoff.

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