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What is a Modem?

itMyt Explains Modem:

A Modem is a Network Device that each modulates and demodulates Analog Carrier indicators (referred to as sine waves) for Encoding and deCiphering Digital statistics for processing. Modems accomplish each of those obligations conCurrently and, because of this, the term modem is a combination of “modulate” and “demodulate.”

What Does Modem Mean?

The most common use for modems is for each sending and receiving of the virtual Records between Personal Computer sySTEMs. This facts used to be transmitted over phone traces using V.Ninety two, the closing dial-up trendy, to an analog modem that could convert the Signal again to a digital Format for a pc to examine.

Now, get right of entry to to the Internet extra usually takes place the usage of high-Velocity Broadband modems.

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