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What is Optical Fiber?

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An optical fiber is a flexible, transparent strand of very pure glass that acts as a mild Pipe to transmit mild among ends of the fiber. Optical fibers have a center surrounded through a cladding Layer made from Dielectric material. The optical indicators in the middle are limited by means of organising a refractive Index that is extra than the cladding.

What Does Optical Fiber Mean?

Optical fibers is used as a medium for telecommunication and Networking. Light in a Fiber Optic cable travels thru a middle via Constantly bouncing from the cladding, a precept termed overall Internal mirrored image. As the cladding does no longer take in any mild from the center, mild waves journey longer distances. Fibers with a Great core Diameter may be analyzed with the aid of geoMetrical optics. These fibers are called Multi-Mode Fiber.

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