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What is a Timestamp?

itMyt Explains Timestamp:

A timestamp is temporal Records concerning an occasion that is recorded through the Laptop and then saved as a log or Metadata. Any occasion or hobby may want to have a timestamp recorded, depending at the needs of the consumer or the abilities of the process develoPing the timestamp.

What Does Timestamp Mean?

Timestamps are an important feature for maximum pc-related tactics, specially for Synchronization purposes. For Instance, timestamps on Files that require Backups are important so that the backup mechanism can recognize the difference between the record on backup and the cutting-edge file, as an instance, whether it's been modified or not as referenced via the date-modified timestamp.

Usual activities with timestamps recorded robotically by means of the operating machine are file introduction and report Modification, which may be checked by looking on the residences of the record. In Debug logs created via Servers or while Debugging a application, every occasion that happens is logged with a timestamp in order that the administrator or Debugger may also at once recognize what passed off and whilst.

Timestamps are vital for synchronization of some of Procedures consisting of that for IP Telephony, wherein each Packet sent should comprise a timestamp so that the receiving give up knows the way to arRange the statistics earlier than setting it all collectively. This goes the same for some Media streaming Protocols.

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