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What is a Web Page?

itMyt Explains Web Page:

A Web web page is a report for the World Wide Web this is identified with the aid of a unique uniForm aid locator (URL).

A Web page can be Accessed and displayed on a Monitor or Cellular tool thru a Web Browser . The information determined in a Web web page is usually in HTML or XHTML format. The Web pages typically also contain different sources consisting of fashion sheets, Scripts and photographs for presentation. Users can be capable of navigate to different pages thru Hypertext links.

What Does Web Page Mean?

A Web page is a illustration of a document this is certainly located at a remote Website Online. The statistics on a Web page is displayed on-line with the help of a Web browser which include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The Web browser is connected to the Web Server, in which the Internet site’s contents are Hosted through HTTP. Every Web web page corresponds to diverse types of information presented to the visitor in a visible and readable manner.

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