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What does NTFS stand for?

What does the abbreviation NTFS mean?

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The New Technology File System (NTFS) is the same old report shape for the Windows NT working gadget. It is used for retrieving and storing documents on the difficult disk.

The NTFS delivered a number of improvements, together with innovative facts structures that extended perFormance, progressed Metadata, and added expansions like protection get right of entry to manage (ACL), reliability, disk area utilization, and document Device journaling.

The NTFS cHanged the OS/2 High-Performance File System (HPFS) and the Windows 95 report allocation desk (FAT), which were utilized in MS-DOS and earlier working gadget versions. NTFS is likewise used with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

New Technology File System

NTFS changed into iNitially designed for the Intel i860 XR Processor released by Microsoft in 1993. Although IBM and Microsoft worked collectively to create the graphical operating device referred to as the OS/2, they disagreed on many essential troubles and they subsequently separated. IBM persisted to work at the OS/2, at the same time as Microsoft started working on Windows NT.

The OS/2 HPFS had many new capabilities that were extensively utilized with Windows NT. Both HPFS and NTFS percentage the identical disk Partition identification kind Code (07), that is unusual because there are dozens of codes to be had.

The new dependable capabilities of the NTFS include a Fault Tolerance sySTEM that automatically repairs hard pressure errors without blunders messages. The NTFS additionally retains detailed Transaction information that maintain track of difficult power mistakes. This feature is useful in convalescing Files if the hard force Crashes; it also allows to prEvent hard disk screw ups.

Other beneficial Functions of the NTFS encompass security get entry to manipulate, improved MetaData, file gadget journaling and disk area utilization. NTFS lets in Authorizations (like write, read or execute) to be set for documents and specific directories. These Record directories also can be located throughout more than one difficult drive, however appear as one quantity called a spanned quantity. In Windows NT, a spanned Volume is referred to as a extent set with volumes which could span as much as 32 hard disks.

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