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What does PC stand for?

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A Personal Computer is a general-reason, price-powerful Laptop this is designed to be used by a unmarried give up-person. Every PC is dependent on Microprocessor era, which permits PC Makers to set the whole primary processing uNit (CPU) on a single Chip.

Businesses make use of PCs to carry out duties like Accounting, Desktop Publishing and Word Processing as well as to run Database and Spreadsheets. At domestic, PCs are specifically used for Multimedia enjoyment, playing PC video games, getting Access to the Internet, etc. Even even though PCs are intended to use as single-user structures, it's far regular to attach them collectively to create a commUnity, including a neighborhood place community (LAN).

A PC may be a Microcomputer, Computing Device Computer, a laptop pc, a Tablet PC or a hand held PC.

Personal Computer

In the mid 1960s and into the SEventies, computers occupied whole rooms and had been handiest cHeap by way of huge universities and organizations. These early Computer Systems had been accessed by more than one users through attached Terminals. Resources have been shared among all users. The term PC became famous within the early 1980s, Building on Time Magazine’s desire of PC because the Man of the Year for 1982. By the late 1980s, generation had superior some distance enough that a small laptop may be used and owned by means of a unmarried individual.

In 1981, IBM came into the area via introducing its first personal computer, termed as the IBM PC. The IBM PC rapidly became famous within the marketplace. Only some groups could continue to exist the popularity of IBM PCs, including Apple, which remained a main company in the PC market.

Later, other producers tailored to the PC trend advanced by way of IBM with the aid of growing IBM Clones. Clones had been PCs with almost the equal Configurations as IBM PCs, however at a lower rate. Gradually, IBM lost their dominance within the PC area. Presently (as of 2011), the area of PCs is specially divided between Apple Macintoshes and PCs from other manufacturers.

PCs typically consist the following elements:

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