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What is Multimedia?

itMyt Explains Multimedia:

MultiMedia refers to content material that Makes use of a couple of medium. The Classes of media are slippery, but they commonly consist of:

  • Text
  • Sound
  • Graphics/pics
  • Animation/video (live photos rather than animation)

Multimedia have become an crucial concept because the Web moved faraway from a largely textual Format to a graphical one. Many sites have been competing to become genuine multimedia web sites with a mixture of text, sound, photos and movies.

What Does Multimedia Mean?

Technically talking, a video (several pix run in succession) with sound qualifies as multimedia with the aid of itself. Moreover, now that the Web is able to giving a true multimedia revel in, the point of interest is on Rich Media – that is, multimedia with interactive elements.

In a completely real sense, however, the Web nevertheless has a long way to move before its textual Roots are left at the back of. Much of the media and multimedia at the Web is encased in textual content due to the fact that is still the number one Method of navigation throughout the Web.

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