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What does EDB stand for?

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An execute disable bit is an Intel Hardware-based totally safety factor used within the crucial processing uNit (CPU) to separate regions of a reminiscence as garage of Processor instructions or as Storage of facts. EDB Classifies areas in reminiscence in which a Code can execute or no longer execute. It is a primary enter/Output sySTEM (BiOS) Function, which if enabled reduces a Laptop system’s, or a Server’s, Vulnerability to Viruses and Malicious Code Attacks. Thus, EDB prEvents these harmful viruses and malicious Software from executing and spreading on a server or commUnity.

EDB is likewise abbreviated as XDB. Intel markets EDB feature as XD bit. The EDB function is handiest to be had inside the maximum-up-to-date variations of Intel processors, but no longer all running systems (OSs) assist it.

This term is also called NX-bit, the call utilized by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Execute Disable Bit

Viruses and malicious codes, which include Worms and malware, can try to use a Buffer Overrun approach to get unauthorized get entry to to covered device sources. The buffer overrun technique targets Packages accepting enter Data from untrusted assets. It stores the inFormation in Memory without verifying the period of the stored data. For example, a malware presents very lengthy text, or a Payload, as enter facts to a program containing malicious Executable codes. When saved inside the reminiscence area, the payload adjustments how manipulate is transferred in extraordinary parts of the program. Thus, this system transfers manipulate to the malicious code stored inside the payload. If EDB is disabled, the CPU will no longer restrict the malicious code execution inside the reminiscence location. It is suggested that EDB be enabled within the BIOS. Then the CPU will save you execution of code in information best memory pages. Enabling EDB will increase safety towards Buffer Overflow assaults.

As mentioned, EDB is simplest available in more recent variations of Intel processors, but now not all OSs guide it. The following are the regarded contemporary OSs that supports EDB:

Enabling EDB enables groups and people lessen fees on virus associated upkeep. It can even lessen the propagation of these malicious codes in a Network and probable across the Internet.

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