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What is UPDATE?

itMyt Explains UPDATE:

The UPDATE Statement is a Structured Query Language (SQL) assertion used to trade or replace values in a desk. It is typically suffixed with a WHERE clause to restriction the alternate to a hard and fast of values that meet a specific set of standards.

What Does UPDATE Mean?

The widespread Syntax of an UPDATE Declaration is:

UPDATE Table_name SET column1=value1, column2=value2 WHERE column=situation

For Instance, in the Customer_master desk, if a alternate needs to be made to each Andrew Smith’s Electronic Mail deal with (to [email Protected]) and his date of start (to February 17, 1985), the syntax could be:

UPDATE customer_master SET email_addr=”[email protected]”, date_of_birth=”02.17.1985″ WHERE customer_name=”Andrew Smith”

Note the sigNiFicance of the WHERE clause in acting as a limit on which rows of Records are to be cHanged. Without the WHERE clause, the statement will replace the complete desk, placing all customers’ e-mail addresses to [email protected] and all Clients’ dates of delivery to February 17, 1985.

To replace a desk, a Username have to be granted the Privilege to accomplish that by means of the Database Administrator. Even at the same time as the usage of an utility, while facts is changed (like Andrew Smith’s electronic mail address above), the Software is sincerely sending the equal UPDATE assertion just like the one above to execute on the Database.

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