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What is Protected?

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Protected, in C#, is a key-word used to claim the Accessibility of a Class member such that get entry to to that member is limited to the containing magNiFicence in which it's far declared or to any elegance derived from the containing magnificence. Protected Accessibility can be utilized in subject, Method and property Declarations to prEvent them from being absolutely seen outdoor in their elegance.

Protected is an get right of entry to modifier that permits the member of a class to be extra seen than Private but much less than Public accessibility. The protected individuals of a base elegance can be shared simplest by way of their descendants, that may Override or use them.

Protected modifier facilitates to implement the concept of Encapsulation in C# item-oriented Programming. It is specially used with participants of a base magnificence which might be re-used within the derived magnificence, which helps to offer centralization of not unusual logic along with rich magnificence hierarchy.

What Does Protected Mean?

A protected member can be reachable within the Derived Class simplest if the get right of entry to takes region thru the derived elegance. If it desires to be accessed from outside this sySTEM textual content of the magnificence in which it's far declared, it must be via an Instance of derived type or a category kind made from it.

For instance, BankAccount class represents the account details of a user and may outline a way, CalculateInterest, as covered so that any elegance derived from BankAccount magnificence (inclusive of SavingsAccount, CheckingAccount, and so forth.) can override the CalculateInterest technique with the Code vital to calculate hobby based totally at the Form of account.

A protected member cannot be used with a Static modifier due to the fact it could be accessed only through an example. A protected modifier can not be used with contributors of a struct due to the fact Inheritance is not supported by using struct.

A included method can be declared with the "virtual" modifier to extend the logic that is essential to be executed for specialization inside the derived magnificence.

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