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What is Static?

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Static, in C#, is a key-word that may be used to claim a member of a kind in order that it's far unique to that type. The static modifier can be used with a category, Field, technique, belongings, Operator, occasion or Constructor.

A static member of a category may be used to maintain song of the times created and maintain commonplace Records to be shared among all Instances. It can be utilized in helper and application Classes, which normally comprise conventional strategies that contain Abstractions of natural good judgment. A static Constructor is used to Make entries in Log Files, in addition to in Wrapper elegance to load the dynamic Hyperlink libraries (DLLs) required to execute unManaged Code.

In standard, a static modifier can be used with inFormation and Functions that do not require an instance of a class to be Accessed. It is usually used when the statistics and conduct of a category do no longer depend on Object identification. The use of static classes and participants improves Code Efficiency.

What Does Static Mean?

A static member can simplest be referenced thru the sort call and not via an example of the kind. Static cannot be used with a Destructor, Indexer or any type other than class.

Unlike an example discipline, which has a separate reproduction for every example of a class, a Static Field (or Variable) is shared by all times of a category. A static approach can be overloaded however no longer overridden. It can not get entry to non-static contributors. Because a static approach is not referred to as with a connection with an example, it is quicker to invoke a Static Method on the Call Stack than an example approach.

A static class can most effective include Static Members. It cannot be Instantiated at Run Time and can't be inherited. It has its lifetime as that of the Software in which it is living. A static constructor does now not have Parameters and get right of entry to modifiers. It is invoked routinely before the introduction of the first instance or the reference to any static member.

For instance, a static elegance, TemperatureConverter, can be used to transform temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa by way of providing Methods that contain the Code for conversion.

The use of a static modifier has its own limitations that consist of lack of Thread safety, Encapsulation and maintainability.

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