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What does DIMM stand for?

What does the abbreviation DIMM mean?

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A twin inline Memory Module (DIMM) is a small-scale Circuit Board that holds reminiscence Chips at the Motherboard. DIMM includes a chain of reminiscence referred to as dynamic random get admission to reminiscence (DRAM), which provides number one garage, the main reminiscence that usually reads and executes saved instructions or facts at once to the CPU.

DIMM is an try to enhance on the earlier Single Inline Memory Module (SIMM), which used matched pairs. DIMM uses most effective one Circuit board, for this reason increasing reminiscence pace and garage. DIMM also has a far smaller circuit board and easier Insertion compared to SIMM.

Dual In-line Memory Module

DIMM includes a chain of DRAM included circuits. The modules are attached to a Printed Circuit Board, with several RAM Chips on a unmarried circuit board, that is connected to the motherboard. With direct reminiscence Access (DMA), a PC Processor can access any a part of the reminiscence at once without having to continue in chronological order from a beginning location. With DRAM, RAM accesses all elements of the reminiscence without delay.

RAM chips may be installed in my View on a motherboard or in uNits of chips on a miniature circuit board that plugs into the motherboard. The three most commonplace circuit forums are:

  1. Single Inline Memory Module (SIMM): A single in-line memory module with a 32-Bit Records route
  2. RamBus Inline Memory Module (RIMM): Similar to SIMM but with a higher reminiscence pace (RDRAM). Both SIMM and RIMM modules are hooked up in matched pairs.
  3. Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM): Has a separate electric connector on both aspects of the module. It shops each little bit of records in a separate Capacitor, offering direct get admission to to the motherboard via the System Bus.

Some memory modules have two or more independent sets of DRAM chips. These modules are related to the equal cope with and statistics bus. Each set of modules is known as a rank. Only one rank may be accessed at a time due to the fact all ranks share the equal bus. DIMM circuits at the moment are being made with as much as 4 ranks consistent with module.

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