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What is a Leapfrog Attack?

itMyt Explains Leapfrog Attack:

A leapfrog assault in the IT global is a situation where Hackers or others reap Passwords or ID facts in an iNitial Attack, to be able to use it in every other, separate attack.

What Does Leapfrog Attack Mean?

The use of the word "leapfrog" is correct due to the fact Hackers Construct at the Records that they've obtained to Mount different attacks, usually with higher stakes, or on Greater secure or complex sySTEMs.

There are many distinctive varieties of leapfrog assaults, wherein hackers can get inFormation to apply in destiny attacks. They may also use techniques referred to as phishing if you want to get the preliminary information, where a false Interface or other trick funnels consumer Data to them, or they will hack into a Database or other era inside a commUnity.

As a concrete Instance of a leapfrog attack, safety corporation Symantec has found out that hackers are using some thing they call a "weakest link attack," which can also be referred to as a "waterhole assault," where fraudulent Events are first compromising the property of small corporations in order to assault larger agencies. Experts explain that the smaller groups often have lower degrees of security because they don’t anticipate to be centered as a great deal as their large customers do. Hackers can get some preliminary facts from the small Business for you to attack the bigger commercial enterprise imMediately.

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