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What is Anonymous?

itMyt Explains Anonymous:

Anonymous is a Hacking group that iNitiates acts of civil disobedience with out revealing consumer identities. Anonymous originated in 2003 inside the "4chan" imageboard to represent the idea of a web worldwide mind of Network customers. Anonymous is known for its good sized and rebellious Hacking activities.

Although Anonymous isn't particularly connected to a single on-line Entity, the organization is firmly Interconnected thru numerous Websites Constructed from noteworthy imageboards like Futaba, 4chan, affiliated Wikis, Encyclopedia Dramatica and a Variety of boards.

What Does Anonymous Mean?

As cited with the aid of Anonymous members, organization club is straightForward to sTable however conditional and carried out with the aid of concealing or hiding one’s identification while collaborating in on line activities. Conversely, a member mechanically loses his club if an identity is found out.

As Anonymous developed, its idea turned into observed by decentralized on-line network customers, who acted in a more synchronized Anonymous Method with a Freely uNiFied goal focused on entertainment. Beginning in 2008, Anonymous started selling collaborative international Hacktivism by perForming combined protests to sell freedom of Internet speech. Anonymous organization activities are conTrolled with the aid of unidentified but self-Attributed Anonymous members.

Internet boards and imageboards are key assets for Anonymous recruitment, in addition to wikis and different Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks. Anonymous uses such mediums to communicate and arRange protests.

In latest years, Anonymous has achieved severa hacking sports, inclusive of the Habbo and Hal Turner raids, Project Chanology, Epilepsy Foundation forum invasion, SOHH and AllHipHop website Defacements, Operation Payback, Avenge Assange and Operation Sony.

In December 2010, Anonymous allegedly used an open supply hacking Software to use denial of service (DoS) assaults to PayPal Servers, ensuing in PayPal unAvailability over a four day length.

PayPal, MasterCard and Visa closed all WikiLeaks’ account sports after WikiLeaks published top-secret U.S. Government reports that created instantaneous humiliation and anxiety with key allies. For revenge, Anonymous, who cHanged into inspired with the aid of Assange’s WikiLeaks’ sports, instigated DoS assaults on PayPal with the aid of Flooding PayPal servers and disabling consumer account get right of entry to.

According to an August 2011 YouTube post, Anonymous claims plans to take down Facebook via "Operation Facebook" on November fifth, 2011.

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