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What is Biological Internet (Bi-Fi)?

What does Bi-Fi stand for?

itMyt Explains Biological Internet:

Biological Internet (Bi-Fi) is a leap Forward bioEngineering subject that centers on a M13 Virus’ ability to transmit messages between Cells. As of late 2012, the Stanford University study become conducted with the aid of doctoral candidate, Monica Ortiz, and assistant bioengineering professor, Drew Endy, Ph.D. Ortiz and Endy have harnessed a unique Characteristic of the non-lethal M13 virus – the capability to broadCast Packaged DNA strands and simple organic statistics. Potentially, this can be carried out to the human body as a Form of communication Network – consequently the time period, Biological Internet. The researchers’ findings have been published September 7, 2012, inside the Journal of Biological Engineering.

What Does Biological Internet Mean?

The M13 virus is particular because it's miles non-lethal and absolutely imposes itself at the Host Cellular. Thus, the virus has no negative outcomes. To transmit DNA, the virus truly reproduces inside the host cell, wraps DNA strands in proteins and sends out the packaged strands to infect different cells. Engineers can manage the DNA, thereby growing a verbal excHange channel for the Switch of facts among cells. However, the M13 does no longer "care" what is transmitted. Thus, Bi-Fi is considered a wi-fi and biological information network. By using DNA because the medium of Records Storage, researchers can substantially boom the aMount of information transmitted at a time, in contrast to different recognised strategies, like the use of sugars or chemical Signals. The biggest DNA strand packaged via the M13 consists of Greater than forty,000 base pairs.

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