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What is an Attosecond (as)?

What does as stand for?

itMyt Explains Attosecond:

An attosecond (as) is a uNit of time that equals one quintillionth of a second, or 10 to the 18th energy. To placed the attosecond within the Context of the rate of light, one attosecond permits mild to travel the length of three hydrogen Atoms. An electron transfers between two atoms in approximately 320 attoseconds.

What Does Attosecond Mean?

The attosecond is likewise a part of a chain connection of chronological measurements tracing back to the second one.

The measurements start with the Femtosecond (fs), which is 1,000 attoseconds. A Picosecond (PlayStation ) is 1,000 femtoseconds. A Nanosecond (ns) is 1,000 Microseconds (µs). A microsecond is 1,000 nanoseconds, and a Millisecond (ms or msec) is 1,000 microseconds. This specific chain of chronological measurements is used to describe lots of technological pastime, along with Microprocessor Clock Speed or cycle time, Data Transfer quotes and other types of Hardware Events.

New laser technology have finished speeds measured in attoseconds, wherein the quickest Recorded laser pulses Range inside the dozens of attoseconds.

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