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What is EPEAT?

itMyt Explains Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool:

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a voluntary on-line procurement and environmental rating Device for Digital Computing equipment that is designed to help purchasers evaLuate a product’s Attributes as they relate to the environment.

EPEAT, which was created by means of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Green Electronics Council (GEC), provides registered environmental product Records and enables manufacturers promote environmentally sustainable products. EPEAT is based on a hard and fast of 23 overall perFormance standards.

What Does Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool Mean?

EPEAT was advanced to fulfill a develoPing institutional call for for records on sySTEMs’ environmental overall performance, cost and overall performance.

According to the EPEAT Development Project, promoting six months’ really worth of EPEAT-registered green Computer Systems could produce the following strength/environmental financial savings:

  • 13.7 billion kiloWatt hours (kWh) of strength – sufficient to power 1.2 million U.S. Homes for 365 days
  • 24.4 million Metric lots of substances – the equivalent of 189 million fridges
  • 56.5 million metric tons of air pollutants, together with 1.07 million metric lots of global warming gases – the equivalent of Casting off 852,000 motors from the roads for three hundred and sixty five days
  • 118,000 metric Heaps of water pollutants
  • 1,070 metric tons of poisonous materials – the equal of 534,000 bricks and enough mercury to fill 157,000 household thermometers
  • 41,100 metric tons of Unsafe waste disposal – the equivalent of 20.Five million bricks

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