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What is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)?

What does BGP stand for?

itMyt Explains Border Gateway Protocol:

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a Routing Protocol used to Switch Records and inFormation between Exceptional Host gateways, the Internet or self reliant structures. BGP is a Path Vector Protocol (PVP), which keeps paths to one of a kind hosts, Networks and gateway Routers and determines the Routing selection based on that. It does no longer use Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) Metrics for routing choices, however most effective comes to a decision the course based on course, commUnity rules and rule uNits.

Sometimes, BGP is described as a reachability protocol instead of a routing protocol.

What Does Border Gateway Protocol Mean?

BGP roles include:

  • Because it's far a PVP, BGP communicates the whole independent gadget/network route Topology to different networks
  • Maintains its routing desk with topologies of all externally related networks
  • Supports Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR), which allocates Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to related Internet gadgets

When used to facilitate verbal excHange between extraordinary self reliant sySTEMs, BGP is known as External BGP (EBGP). When used at host networks/self sustaining structures, BGP is called Internal BGP (IBGP).

BGP changed into created to increase and replace Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP).

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