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What is Component?

itMyt Explains Component:

A thing is a Functionally independent part of any sySTEM. It perForms some feature and can require some enter or produce some Output. A element in Software Program is regularly represented with the aid of instructions.

What Does Component Mean?

A thing represents one or extra logical obligations. For Instance remember a car. It may be considered as a factor since it allows human beings to take a Seat, which can be considered an input. It transports someone from one place to any other, which is its feature. It calls for a sure quantity of gas to operate and has a positive most speed restrict, which Constitute its traits. It is composed of an Engine, braking system, air conditioner and other such sub components. Each of those sub components has their very own outstanding capabilities. The engine takes a certain quantity of gas as input, plays a system called Internal comBustion and produces movement along with carbon monoxide as outputs.

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