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What is Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)?

What does CFM stand for?

itMyt Explains Cubic Feet Per Minute:

Cubic feet in keePing with minute (CFM) is a key Metric for air handling sySTEMs and other systems wherein air is transported from one region to some other. The CFM price displays the passage of air waft over time, in keeping with the overall perFormance of a Device or equipment for its meant use.

What Does Cubic Feet Per Minute Mean?

In electronics, CFM is often used to measure performance for notebook lovers, Server cooling cages, and other cooling systems. A Computer's inner fan can be rated for a particular CFM to guarantee precise cooling overall performance, for example, to address Overclocking and other situations where inner Computer temperatures may also upward thrust appreciably. In a few ways, this is just like the use of CFM in HVAC structures, except that at the same time as IT structures use air go with the flow to guard touchy Hardware, HVAC structures use it to reflect performance to warmth or cool larger areas.

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