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What does DMI stand for?

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Desktop Management Interface (DMI) turned into the primary Computer Management wellknown issued by means of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), a consortium of Hardware producers led by using Intel. DMI supplied a wellknown Framework for dealing with and Monitoring additives in a Personal Computer used as a Laptop, notebook or Server Computer. The DMI truly abstracted Components from the Software that conTrolled them.

DMI ended on March 31, 2005. The DMTF described an stop-of-existence technique for DMI as a result of the speedy development of different DMTF technology together with Common Information Model (CIM).

Desktop Management Interface

Desktop Management Interface furnished get entry to to the Device Management BiOS and different Device Records for Management Software program. The machine records and DMI Functioned independently, and DMI become impartial of any connected hardware. It turned into smooth for vendors to undertake, might be used on commUnity and non-Network Computers and did now not warfare with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) or different comparable Protocols.

Original gadget producers and BIOS companies were required to help DMI so that it could qualify for Microsoft certification after 1998.

DMI consisted of 4 components:

  • Management InFormation Format (MIF): This File contained one or several companies with Attributes to explain every machine aspect as well as unique information about hardware and Software Program used by that Computer.
  • Service Layer: This turned into a Memory-resident Code that allowed management and established software to get admission to MIF files and their Database. It is an OS Upload-on and a shared useful resource for all applications.
  • Component Interface (CI): This Application Programming Interface used the provider layer to speak status facts to the correct MIF record.
  • Management Interface (MI): This control software program allowed administrators to list all DMI-workable devices as well as issue "Get" and "Set" Commands.

DMI couldn't be used with out a DMI-compliant software program management Package deal and a DMI-compliant laptop, meaning one containing the CI, MI and service layer (drivers), which had been all available as a unfastened down load on the Internet.

There become a DMI Encoder in Linux that allowed gadget administrators to permit or disable some Workarounds to deal with specific device troubles.

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