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Demultiplex (DEMUX)

What does DEMUX stand for?

itMyt Explains Demultiplex:

Demultiplex (DEMUX) is the opposite of the multiplex (MUX) process – combining more than one unrelated Analog or Digital sign streams into one Signal over a single shared medium, including a unmarried conductor of copper cord or Fiber Optic cable. Thus, demultiplex is reconverting a sign containing a couple of analog or digital sign streams returned into the original separate and unrelated signals.

What Does Demultiplex Mean?

Although demultiplex is the opposite of the multiplex technique, because the more than one indicators aren't related, it isn't always the opposite of Multiplexing.

The opposite of multiplexing is inverse multiplexing (IMUX), which breaks one facts stream into several associated facts streams. Thus, the distinction between demultiplexing and inverse multiplexing is that the Output streams of demultiplexing are unrelated; but the output streams of inverse multiplexing are associated.

A associated time period is Channel Bank, the inspiration of all digital telecommunication transmissions. It is a part of a provider-multipleX Terminal serving Functions:

  1. multiplexing a Collection of (unrelated) channels right into a better bit-price (transmission Velocity) channel
  2. demultiplexing these (unrelated) aggregates lower back into individual channels

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