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What is a Host Name?

itMyt Explains Host Name:

A Host name is a unique call or label assigned to any tool that is related to a specific pc commUnity. It enables the differentiation of various machines or gadgets linked to the Internet, a Network and/or each. Allotted and assigned host names are based totally at the naming sySTEM used.

A host name is likewise known as a hostname.

What Does Host Name Mean?

A host call may be alphabetic or Alphanumeric and encompass limited symbols which can be particularly used to pick out a selected commuNity Node or Device. Depending at the naming machine in use, a number name’s Syntax and requirement Range. For Instance, while used in the Domain Name System (DNS) or for the Internet, a number call should include the pinnacle level Domain call (TLD) and feature a length between one and sixty three Characters.

The Internet Engineering and Taskforce (IETF) posted specification RFC 1123, which allows numbers at the start of a bunch name. However, no symbols, with the Exception of the hyphen, are allowed.

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