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What is Lines Of Code (LOC)?

What does LOC stand for?

itMyt Explains Lines Of Code:

The word “traces of Code” (LOC) is a Metric usually used to evaLuate a Software Program or Codebase in step with its size. It is a wellknown Identifier taken via adding up the wide Variety of lines of code used to jot down a application. LOC is utilized in diverse ways to assess a Assignment, and there's a debate on how powerful this dimension is.

What Does Lines Of Code Mean?

Lines of code additionally has a few versions together with “source traces of code” (SLOC), which is likewise used to Enumerate a codebase. Part of using LOC involves a “philosophy of code,” that is, whether it's far better to have a large codebase or a small one, or whether or not it's miles better to have created x lines of code than to have cut x traces of code from a application. LOC is often utilized in those sorts of arguments, in which Developers and other associated employees speak about whether or not “larger is higher” or whether a Software program codebase must “pass on a Weight loss program.”

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