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What is an Identifier?

itMyt Explains Identifier:

An identifier, in C#, is the user-defined call of a program detail. It can be a Namespace, elegance, approach, Variable or Interface.

Identifiers are symbols used to uniquely Discover a Software element inside the Code. They also are used to consult sorts, Constants, Macros and Parameters. An identifier call must suggest the meaning and usage of the element being referred.

C# is A Programming Language this is Compiled and has its Implementation such that the identifiers are simplest collect-time entities. During Run Time, each identifier can be referred with the aid of its connection with the reminiscence deal with and offset the Compiler assigned to its textual identifier Token.

What Does Identifier Mean?

Like in C/C , identifiers in C# are case-touchy.

Microsoft recommends using Camel or Pascal notations, along side Semantics, for naming identifiers as opposed to the Hungarian Notation that became used prior to .NET Programming. For Instance, "employeeSalary" would possibly represent Camel notation wherein the first letter of all of the words is capitalized except the primary phrase. Camel notation is used to call non-Public individuals, Fields and parameters. Aanddquot;EmployeeSalary" is an identifier in Pascal notation, as all of the phrases within the identifier start with an upper-case letter. It is typically used for kind names and nonPrivate individuals of a kind.

The policies to be accompanied while the use of an identifier encompass:

  • It can begin most effective with a letter of the alphabet or underscore(_), but no longer a Variety of
  • It can be a mixture of numbers, letters, connectors, Unicode escape series, etc.
  • It can't be a C# key-word
  • It need to no longer contain white space
  • It can not have Greater than 511 Characters
  • It must be declared before it's miles referred
  • It can't have consecutive underscores in its call because such identifiers are used for the implementation
  • More than one identifier with the equal call can't be declared inside a unmarried scope

An identifier prefixed with "@" is known as a verbatim identifier. Although prefixing "@" lets in for the use of Keywords, which allows in interfacing with different Programming Languages, it isn't a advocated exercise.

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