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What is Logo?

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Logo is A Programming Language that cHanged into advanced as an academic tool. It is a dialect of the Functional Programming language, Lisp. It is interactive, Modular, flexible and Extensible. The purpose and Function of Logo is to train children about Programming with easy steps and instructions. It is normally applied as an deCiphering language.

What Does Logo Mean?

Seymour Papert (a co-founding father of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) teamed up with fellow researcher, Wally Feurzeig, to increase the primary Model of the Logo Programming Language In 1967. This developed into Logo’s first Iteration, called GHost.

The cause of this studies turned into to mix arithmetic and developmental psychology to teach children approximately Computer programming. One of Logo’s most distinguishable capabilities is a turtle photograph that serves as a Cursor for drawing line Graphics based on easy enter Commands.

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