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What is Nested Type?

itMyt Explains Nested Type:

Nested kind, in C#, is a kind declared inside an existing magNiFicence or struct. Unlike a non-nested kind, which is said without delay inside a Compilation Unit or a Namespace, nested kind is defined in the scope of the containing (or outer) type.

Nested type is used simplest in which its scope, visibility and lifetime ends in the containing type with out exposing itself to different types. The Enumerator member inside a group kind is usually applied as nested type to iterate over the gathering. As an Iterator, the enumerator enables the use of identical patron-facet common sense to iterate the Collection, no matter the statistics collection’s underlying shape.

In wellknown, nested kind is used handiest in conditions wherein it logically belongs to the containing type. It is applied while the containing type is absolutely depending on the nested type that helps to encapsulate the Implementation info of the containing kind. It is frequently utilized in Eventualities where the containing type that has the nested type for its implementation is at once used without any requirement for instantiating its nested kind.

What Does Nested Type Mean?

A nested kind may be Accessed from anywhere in the application by using asserting it with a Public degree of Accessibility and using its completely certified call.

For Instance, AddressInFormation can be a nested type declared inside Employee kind, and may be accessed the use of its absolutely certified call, Employee.AddressInformation.

Nested type has the subsequent key homes:

  • It may have different types of accessibility that consist of Private, public, Protected, blanketed inner and Internal. By default, it has non-public accessibility.
  • It can get admission to non-public and protected participants of the containing type, inclusive of any inherited non-public and guarded members. To get admission to those members, an instance of the containing kind needs to be exceeded to the nested type through its Constructor.
  • It permits more than one nesting stages, which lets in the Code Block of one nested magnificence to be described inside another.
  • It can inherit from the containing type and can also be inherited.
  • Private participants of the nested kind are invisible to the containing type.

Nested type have to now not be used whilst it must be publicly uncovered for instantiation via the purchaser code or if it's far referenced without delay inside the patron code. It cannot be utilized in location of namespace for logical grouPing Constructs.

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