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What is Network Performance?

itMyt Explains Network Performance:

Network perFormance is the evaLuation and evaluate of collective commUnity facts, to outline the satisfactory of services offered via the underlying pc commuNity.

It is a qualitative and quantitative process that measures and defines the overall performance stage of a given network. It Publications a Network Administrator in the assessment, measure and development of community offerings.

What Does Network Performance Mean?

Network overall performance is generally measured from an end-person attitude (i.E. ExCellent of network offerings delivered to the consumer). Broadly, network performance is measured by using reViewing the Records and Metrics from the following community additives:

  • Network Bandwidth or capability – Available Data Transfer
  • Network Throughput – AMount of records correctly transferred over the community in a given time
  • Network postpone, Latency and jittering – Any network trouble inflicting Packet Switch to be slower than traditional
  • Data Loss and community mistakes – Packets dropped or lost in transmission and delivery

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