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What is RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service)?

What does Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service stand for?

itMyt Explains RADIUS:

RADIUS is a Client/Server Protocol that lets in an cease user to Access a proprietary commUnity resource remotely.

RADIUS, which stands for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, become evolved again inside the Nineteen Nineties to provide centralized authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) management offerings for neighborhood Network assets such as Routers and Switches.

The protocol has demonstrated to be so flexible, but, that Cloud providers are experimenting with ways RADIUS can be used to support Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and restriction the dangers related to over-the-air assaults on Wireless Networks and Digital non-Public Networks (VPNs).

What Does RADIUS Mean?

RADIUS is a vital part of many commuNity safety structures, and knowledge the way it works is critical for all and sundry who's liable for handling a network. RADIUS is a requirements-based totally protocol, because of this that it's far described by way of an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) specification.

How the Radius protocol works

When an give up user attempts to connect with a RADIUS patron, the patron sends a request to the RADIUS Server. (A RADIUS purchaser may be any Networking tool used to authenticate customers at the utility Layer.) Once the RADIUS server authenticates the quit user's Credentials, permission for the quit person to connect to the RADIUS consumer may be granted.

RADIUS Makes use of UDP as its transport protocol. UDP is a Connectionless Protocol, because of this that each Packet is sent independently and does now not require a connection to be Mounted beforehand. This makes RADIUS very Scalable, due to the fact it may help a huge quantity of clients without requiring loads of server assets. To make sure that packets are introduced reliably, RADIUS makes use of blunders correction.


The cloud transport version for RADIUS can lessen an organization's capital expenses (CapEx) as it passes the value of purchasing and retaining RADIUS server infrastructure to a 3rd-party cloud company.

Examples of cloud RADIUS-as-a-Service vendors encompass:

Portnox – recognised for making it smooth to set up time-sensitive guest get admission to rights for specific URLs and IP addresses.

JumpCloud – acknowledged for assisting WPA2 Enterprise and RADIUS Encryption Modes.

SecureW2 – regarded for being well matched with all predominant SAML and LDAP idEntity Carriers, which includes Google, Okta and Azure.

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