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What is a Shim?

itMyt Explains Shim:

Shim, in C#, is a Template Class that is derived from a base elegance with Derived Classes that inherit the statistics and conduct of the Base Class and vary most effective inside the type. The derived class of the shim magNiFicence reuses the Implementation supplied by the shim elegance.

Shim may be designed to behave as a skinny compatibility Layer, that can remedy the compatibility problems that may stand up all through the improvement of newer variations of programs. It is likewise used to execute programs on Software Program sySTEMs for which they were no longer at the beginning designed.

In general, the shim magnificence is particularly used to provide get entry to to capability only through the derived instructions of the shim class. This approach enables provide Code extensibility. It also prEvents code duplication and avoids errors due to cut-and-paste. This can suggest decrease prices and much less renovation.

What Does Shim Mean?

A shim elegance is a template elegance that takes kind as a Parameter. It may be used at any stage of an Inheritance chain and might offer higher preservation and Extension of the hierarchy.

A shim magnificence can be implemented using containment and aggregation strategies. In case of a containment Method, the shim elegance passes on its calls to the re-implementation of the Interface to offer additional conduct. In the aggregation technique, the interface to the Internal elegance is surpassed to the outer item and there is no specialization of the behavior of the inner item.

For example, Wine is a shim that permits many Windows Packages to execute on operating structures like Linux, Solaris, and so on.

In Instances where the call to unManaged Code needs to be Forwarded from conTrolled code after some iNitializations, shim magnificence can be used as a Wrapper magnificence. This shim elegance may be created as a extra regular class that cannot be used at once but lets in for the era of derived classes which have commonplace Functionality. It facilitates Build a Framework wherein the shim elegance bureaucracy the link among the base magnificence that incorporates common functionalities and the derived lessons which have customized capabilities.

A COM shim that Hyperlinks a Microsoft Office Host Software and managed extension facilitates provide security and isolates multiple Microsoft Office extensions.

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