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What is Video Conferencing?

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Video conferencing refers to carrying out a video convention or video Teleconference in which or extra sets of Hardware and Software Program engage even as conCurrently transmitting and receiving video and audio indicators from two or extra geographic places. Video conferencing may additionally contain sharing documents, numerous presentation materials, whiteboards, turn charts and similar organization presentation visible aids. A Telepresence machine is most usually used on the company or corporation level and represents high-quit video conferencing structures. Video conferencing is differentiated from video phone calls, which serve individuals as opposed to a conference. Video conferencing is also known as Online video conferencing and PC video conferencing.

What Does Video Conferencing Mean?

Video conferencing become set up as early because the invention of the television, and consisted of two closed-Circuit television sySTEMs the use of Coaxial Cable or radio transmission. NASA used video conferencing at some stage in the primary manned area flight in 1961, with radiofrequency links, one in each course. TV news channels used the identical technology for rePorting from remote locations; thereafter, vehicles with installed Satellite Dishes furnished mobile links for video conference transmissions. However, the era cHanged into very expensive, so it was now not used for commercial enterprise, schooling or Telemedicine until many years later. By the Nineteen Eighties, virtual Telephony have become to be had using compressed video and audio transmissions. But it become now not until 1984 that the first video conferencing systems were offered commercially with the aid of PictureTel Corp. In the Nineteen Nineties, the Luxurious proprietary equipment that became previously required changed into replaced through new, requirements-primarily based technology for video conferencing, which have become available to the overall Public at a miles Greater affordable fee. IP-based totally video conferencing additionally have become viable round this time. The Winter Olympics of 1998 in Nagano, Japan, used the technology to broadCast part of the opening ceremonies across five continents in nearly real time. In the 2000s, video conferencing became to be had at reasonable prices to any region with an Internet connection.

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