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What does CTM stand for?

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Close to Metal (CTM) is an Software Programming Interface (API) that is designed to reveal Builders with the underlying Parallel Processing architecture of snap shots Hardware.

It cHanged into to begin with launched via ATI Technologies to enable popular motive Computing on pics processing gadgets (GPGPU) or custom Programming and manipulate on the photograph card/hardware.

Close To Metal

CTM broadly speaking enabled exposure and provided get right of entry to of previously unavailable, low-degree image card capabilities to Software program builders. These Protected the instructions, Processor set structure and reminiscence. It allowed builders to create applications making use of an Array of untapped GPGPU competencies and carried out faster than fashionable vaLuable processing gadgets (CPU). It also replaced the OpenGL and DirectX API for Programmers. The CTM changed into included and supported from ATI R580 GPU processor playing cards.

After Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) received ATI, the CTM was succeeded via the OpenCL Framework, which furnished more improved get admission to and manipulate over graphical processor capabilities.

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