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What does SDLT stand for?

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Super Digital Linear Tape (SDLT) is a higher ability variation of the Digital Linear Tape preferred, a Magnetic Tape Format advanced via Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) back within the Eighties that have become the enterprise widespread for mid-Range NT and Unix gadget archive and Backup programs. An SDLT version that firstly had 110 GB of garage ability was released in 2001.

Super Digital Linear Tape

Super Digital Linear Tape era is primarily based on laser-guided magnetic Recording (LGMR) generation. It Makes use of a combination of optical and magnetic technologies to dramatically boom the Variety of recording tracks gift on the floor of the tape Media. The optical servo sySTEM reads the servo styles on the tape’s back so that it will preserve the records tracks at the tape’s the front effectively aligned with the Read/Write Heads.

SDLT supports Hardware records compression and is fully backward like minded with ordinary DLT cartridges, being capable of write to and study from them; but, it writes records in SDLT 220 layout, as is the case with the SDLT 320 tape force.

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