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What does Z stand for?

What does the abbreviation Z mean?

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Impedance (Z), in electrical Devices, refers to the quantity of competition confronted by direct or alternating contemporary when it passes through a conductor Component, Circuit or gadget. Impedance is Null while present day and Voltage are steady and hence its value is never 0 or null in the case of alternating Modern.


Impedance is frequently mistakenly said to be similar to Resistance, which is not accurate. Impedance is a -dimensional quantity comprising resistance (actual component Vector) and reactance (imaginary aspect vector). Impedance is likewise called the frequency area ratio of voltage and modern-day. Frequency is worried because of alternating modern (AC) whose sinusoidal wave is generated upon a certain frequency which imMediately or circuitously impacts electric additives along with Capacitors and Inductors, whose resistance varies with frequency of the Power Supply provided.

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