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What is Doxware?

itMyt Explains Doxware:

Doxware is a kind of Ransomware that threatens to launch non-Public Records to the public if the user does not pay the ransom. The time period comes from the Hacker time period “Doxing,” or Freeing exclusive statistics over the Internet. Doxware Attacks regularly infect Computer Systems from phishing emails.

Doxware is also known as extortionware.

What Does Doxware Mean?

Doxware is a Form of malware where positive Files are seized. The user should then pay, typically by Bitcoin, or the documents might be launched over the internet. Doxware commonly scans files for key terms that indicate that they're Personal or Private.

The attackers hope that users, faced with the viable release of important information that they do now not need released publicly, will sincerely pay. Doxware is subcategory of ransomware, but the scope of the files that doxware goals is smaller than ordinary ransomware, which Objectives entire tough drives.

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