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What is Graffiti?

itMyt Explains Graffiti:

Graffiti is a Handwriting Recognition application for the Palm OS that may understand a special set of Characters created by using characters written on a display display with a Stylus – a writing Device for use on a mainly designed display display screen.

What Does Graffiti Mean?

The Graffiti Software was available on some of hand held devices tha had stylus Interfaces based totally on GEOS, consisting of Hewlett-Packard’s OmniGo and the Apple Newton. In 2010 this sySTEM turned into ported to the Android Platform with the aid of Access Co. Of Japan.

All characters inside the Graffiti application need to encompass a non-stop stroke with the stylus. The stylus can't be lifted off the screen till the writer is carried out composing a given man or woman. This causes sure letters to be shaped differently on screen than if they had been written on paper. Letters like A, F and T take exercise, however maximum humans can master it in some hours.

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