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What is H/P/V/C/A?

itMyt Explains Hack/Phreak/Virii/Crack/Anarchy:

Hack/phreak/virii/Crack/anarchy (H/P/V/C/A) refers back to the collective malicious and unethical acts finished with the aid of Computing experts or other individuals.

H/P/V/C/A is used to specify the underGround operations in the computing Field, area and their related practices. It is an Extension to the time period hack/phreak (H/P).

What Does Hack/Phreak/Virii/Crack/Anarchy Mean?

H/P/V/C/A is usually used to accumulate all the strategies and strategies inside the Hacking or Computer underworld. The series of various activities/manner inside this term represents and labels the sort and intent for every of them.

Hacking is called good or with low severity, anarchy and phreak as suspicious and with relatively medium severity. The viri and crack are Classified bad practices, which posses the highest severity.

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