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What is an Intel 8080?

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Succeeding the Intel 8008 Microprocessor, the Intel 8080 became designed through MaSatoshi Shima and Federico Faggin. The Intel 8080 became the second eight-bit microProcessor manufactured with the aid of Intel and cHanged into launched in 1974. The microprocessor changed into considered an more advantageous as well as extended Model of the preceding 8008 microprocessor. The Intel 8080 microprocessor was one of the most popular microprocessors ever produced.

What Does Intel 8080 Mean?

The iNitial design of the 8080 had the drawback of using handiest low-energy TTL gadgets. Upon Discovery of this, Intel released an up to date version of the Intel 8080, referred to as the Intel 8080A, which become capable of riding preferred TTL gadgets. Similar to the Intel 8008, the 8080 microprocessor also made use of the identical Interrupt processing common sense. The Intel 8080 accelerated maximum Memory length and delivered Greater instructions and addressing modes in comparison to the 8008 microprocessor. The 8080 microprocessor also introduced the Stack pointer sign in, which became used to point to the location of the external stack in the CPU memory. The 8080 microprocessor is produced from 40 pins and transfers facts thru an eight-bit bidirectional facts Bus.

The Intel 8080 microprocessor become synthetic on a unmarried massive-scale integration Chip with Intel’s N-channel Silicon gate MOS technique.

Prior to the 8080 microprocessor, microprocessors have been used mainly in Computers, cash registers, calculators and comparable Packages. With the appearance of the 8080 microprocessor, an increasing number of applications began to apply microprocessors, together with in general-reason virtual Computer Systems.

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