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What is the Intel 8088?

itMyt Explains Intel 8088:

The Intel 8088 is a kind of Microprocessor this is a part of the Intel 8086 Collection of microProcessors. It become launched in 1979 and has equal architecture to the Intel 8086, with the Exception of a Discounted outside facts Bus width size from sixteen-bit to eight-bit.

What Does Intel 8088 Mean?

Being an eight-bit microprocessor, the Intel 8088 requires cycles to Method 16-Bit facts. The Intel 8088 has a Clock Speed from five-10 MHz, with 16-bit registers, a 20-bit deal with bus, a sixteen-bit external inFormation bus, and helps 1 mb of Memory. The Intel 8088 also helps the Intel 8087 numeric co-processor that permits it to recognize and process Floating point Data and instructions.

The Intel 8088 turned into advanced frequently the usage of High Density, quick channel MOS (HMOS) technology with a few CHMOS versions too. It came in forty- and 44-pin designs.

The Intel 8088 cHanged into the processor used in the original IBM PCs.

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