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What does NAS stand for?

What does the abbreviation NAS mean?

itMyt Explains NAS stands for what:

Network connected Storage (NAS) is a devoted Server, also known as an appliance, used for File garage and sharing. NAS is a hard pressure attached to a commUnity, used for storage and Accessed via an assigned Network Address. It acts as a server for report sharing however does no longer permit different services (like emails or Authentication). It lets in the addition of Greater garage space to available networks even if the gadget is shutdown at some stage in maintenance.

NAS is a complete Device designed for heavy commuNity structures, which may be processing hundreds of thousands of Transactions in keePing with minute. NAS affords a extensively supported garage sySTEM for any organization requiring a reliable community gadget.

Network Attached Storage

Organizations seeking out the high-quality, dependable statistics garage strategies, which can be conTrolled and managed with their Mounted network structures, regularly pick network connected storage. NAS allows organizations and home pc networks to shop and retrieve facts in bulk amounts for an less expensive price.

The following 3 Components play an important Function in NAS:

  1. NAS Protocol: NAS severs are completely supported by the community document machine and commonplace Interface report machine. NASs also help different Forms of Network Protocols consisting of SCP and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). However, over TCP/IP, verbal excHange can be carried out greater efficiently and reliably. The initial purpose of NAS design changed into best document sharing over Unix throughout a LAN. NAS also strongly helps HTTP. So users/customers can without difficulty Download the stuff without delay from the Web if NAS is hooked up to the Internet.
  2. NAS Connections: Different mediums are used for organising connections with NAS servers, including: Ethernet, Fiber Optics and wi-fi mediums with 802.11 standards.
  3. NAS Drives: Any generation can be used for this purpose, but SCSI is utilized by default. ATA disks, optical discs and magnetic Media are also supported with the aid of NAS.

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