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What is Overriding?

itMyt Explains Overriding:

Overriding is an Object-orientated Programming Function that permits a child elegance to offer extraordinary Implementation for a way this is already defined and/or carried out in its discern Class or considered one of its determine classes. The Overriden Method inside the toddler elegance must have the identical call, signature, and Parameters as the one in its discern magNiFicence.

Overriding allows handling unique statistics types via a uniForm Interface. Hence, a customary method will be described in the determine elegance, whilst every infant magnificence presents its precise implementation for this technique.

What Does Overriding Mean?

The invoked technique version is determined through the class object. If the child class object is used to invoke the technique, then the kid elegance Model of the method is accomplished. If the discern magnificence object is used to invoke the approach, then the discern elegance model of the method is carried out. The invoked method is decided at runtime, whereas in Overloading, the invoked method is decided at collect time.

C and C# aid overriding by way of explicitly the usage of the key phrases ‘override’ and ‘virtual’. Java Makes use of the ‘super’ key-word to invoke the superclass technique. However, C does now not have the Great key-word and makes use of instead the bottom magnificence call followed via the scope Resolution Operator (::).

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