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What is Time to Live (TTL)?

What does TTL stand for?

itMyt Explains Time to Live:

Time to stay (TTL) is a mechanism used to limit the lifespan of facts on a commUnity. Data is discarded if the prescribed TTL elapses. The idea at the back of having a TTL is to save you any inFormation Packet from circulating indefiNitely.

What Does Time to Live Mean?

Time to live (TTL) is largely the number of hops that a packet travels before being discarded by means of a Router. Specific TTL numbers suggest the maximum Range for packets.

The initial TTL price is ready as an 8 Binary Digit area of the packet Header by means of the sending Host. The TTL discipline is ready with the aid of the sender of the Datagram and decreased with the aid of each router on the path to its vacation spot. When Forwarding IP packets, the router decreases the TTL fee with the aid of at least 1. When the packet TTL cost reaches 0, the router discards it and sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) message lower back to the originating host.

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