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What is SQL Performance?

SQL perFormance is measured via how correctly and quick SQL queries are able to carry out the specified feature. SQL performance can be measured by the point it takes to finish the operation and whether or not the Output of the operation suits the anticipated necessities. SQL performance can drop beneath a positive preferred due to various reasons, however there are ways to enhance performance... (Read More)

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What is a Hard Handoff?

A hard Handoff is a handoff approach used with mobile Networks that calls for the user’s connection to be completely broken with an existing Base Station earlier than being Switched to any other base station. It allows mobile/Cell Carrier carriers to offer continuous service to users, specifically while they are moving faraway from the related base station/mobile in the direction of some other base station/mobile... (Read More)

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What is Media Layer?

Media Layer is an Apple Inc. Time period that refers to Software Program Frameworks and technology that allow audio, visible and other Multimedia capabilities inside an iOS powered tool. It defines the whole multimedia architecture wiThin Apple-powered Cellular Devices and applications. Software Developers typically use the Media layer to apprehend, get admission to and expand Cellular programs and services on iOS devices... (Read More)

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What is Wildcard Secure Socket Layer Certificate (Wildcard SSL Certificate)?

What does Wildcard SSL Certificate stand for?

A wildcard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates works in the same way as a ordinary SSL certificate in phrases of securing the conversation between the Server and the consumer browser, but with the delivered bonus of being capable of use the equal certificates for the primary Domain as well as all of its sub-domains. Its call may also have been derived from the wildcard individual that can be used to alternative for any Character... (Read More)

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What is Mobile Search Engine Optimization (Mobile SEO)?

What does Mobile SEO stand for?

Mobile seo (Cell SEO) is the sySTEM of optimizing a Internet site for Search Engine queries originating from cell Devices. It is a Form of Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Marketing) Method that permits a internet site to rank for Cellular searches. Mobile SEO usually allows a internet site to show up in mobile-device-primarily based seek Engine effects... (Read More)

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What is Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS)?

What does WATS stand for?

Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) is a specialised Form of lengthy-distance provider incorporating Constant toll costs imparting dial-type Telephony Carrier among the provider consumer, normally a commercial enterprise of a few sort, and its Clients in a given geographical location... (Read More)

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What is a Trouble Ticket?

A trouble price ticket is the end result of an end person filing a help request through an issue tracking Device, and it typically consists of factors detailing the exact nature of the trouble the quit person is having with a specific Network thing... (Read More)

Last updated 14 hours ago

What is Born in the Cloud?

The term “born inside the Cloud” refers to a selected sort of cloud provider that doesn't contain Legacy Systems, but was designed only for cloud transport. This Class of cloud offerings is instructive in converting how Businesses View reliance on cloud providers... (Read More)

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What is Disk Striping?

Disk striPing is a Method in which more than one smaller disks act as a single large disk. The technique divides huge statistics into statistics Blocks and spreads them throughout multiple garage Devices. Disk striping offers the benefit of extraordinarily Big Databases or large single-desk Tablespace using handiest one logical tool... (Read More)

Last updated 18 hours ago

What is Iteration?

Iteration, inside the Context of Laptop Programming, is a Procedure in which a hard and fast of instructions or structures are repeated in a chain a distinctive wide Variety of Instances or until a condition is met. When the primary set of instructions is done once more, it's miles known as an iteration. When a chain of Commands is carried out in a repeated manner, it is called a Loop... (Read More)

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What is Quality of Storage Service (QoSS)?

What does QoSS stand for?

A Exceptional of garage Carrier (QoSS) is a service that is geared towards accommodating disk Storage via optimizing a garage sySTEM. The best of garage provider may additionally involve using Algorithms to direct Memory and disk write operations, or efforts to prioritize I/O for bottlenecks. Some Tiered Storage systems can also Constitute a exCellent of garage carrier... (Read More)

Last updated 22 hours ago

What is Android Froyo (Android 2.2)?

What does Android 2.2 stand for?

Android 2.2, or Froyo (quick for frozen yogurt), is the sixth main Client release of the Android Cellular OS. It is primarily based on Model 2.6.32 of the Linux Kernel. Froyo, first launched on the Nexus One, includes various Upgrades over previous variations – from new home screen Widgets to more green inFormation communique and Switch Packages... (Read More)

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What is Biological Internet (Bi-Fi)?

What does Bi-Fi stand for?

Biological Internet (Bi-Fi) is a leap Forward bioEngineering subject that centers on a M13 Virus’ ability to transmit messages between Cells. As of late 2012, the Stanford University study become conducted with the aid of doctoral candidate, Monica Ortiz, and assistant bioengineering professor, Drew Endy, Ph.D... (Read More)

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What is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)?

What does HTML stand for?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the essential Markup language used to display Web Pages at the Internet. In other words, Web pages are composed of HTML, that is used to show textual content, images or different sources thru a Web Browser. All HTML is apparent text, that means it is not Compiled and can be examine through human beings. The document Extension for an HTML document is .Htm or .Html... (Read More)

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What is the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)?

What does CALEA stand for?

The Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) is a U.S. WiretapPing law exceeded through Congress in 1994. The regulation calls for Telecommunications companies and gadget manufacturers to permit law enforcement agencies to intercept communications with a warrant. The law originally applied only to telephone conversations, but has considering that been expanded to cowl VoIP and Internet site visitors... (Read More)

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What is Apache Solr?

Apache Solr is an Open Source Business Enterprise Search Platform that's a part of the Apache Lucene project. It is designed for fast looking of statistics saved in HDFS in Apache Hadoop. Solr gives Indexing, Replication and load-balanced Querying, a centralized Configuration scheme, Computerized Failover and recovery and is relatively Scalable, dependable and exceedingly fault tolerant... (Read More)

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What is a Software House?

A Software house is a organisation that generally affords Software Program merchandise. These companies may additionally focus on Business or purchaser software (either out-of-the-box or single-License software program) or software-as-a-provider (SaaS) merchandise. The commonplace defiNition is that the enterprise is particularly invested in growing and dispensing software program merchandise... (Read More)

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What is a Tunnel Broker?

In Networking, a tunnel broking is the Carrier Entity that offers a Tunneling potential among Networks. Individual tunnel Agents are chosen to assist path Protected inFormation via a network tunnel for protection or privacy, or other Functions. Tunnel brokers such as IVI, TRT and others vary in terms of areas, subnets, tunnel Protocols supported, and many others... (Read More)

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What is Anti-Static Mat?

An anti-Static Ground mat or ground mat is an anti-static tool that safeguards an person or piece of Device like a PC from an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Computer Components that are touchy to static energy or ESD are Motherboards, CPUs, growth playing cards and reminiscence gadgets. Antistatic mats are used below Keyboards or mice and might also be placed on or below different gadget. They are mainly useful whilst operating on pc components... (Read More)

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What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is a Cloud Computing Platform evolved by means of Microsoft that may be used to Build and Host on-line Web applications thru Microsoft Records centers. Management of the Scalable Web Packages is also executed at Microsoft’s statistics centers. Windows Azure become at first Codenamed “Red Dog” and was to begin with called “Windows Cloud” while it first released in October 2008... (Read More)

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