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What does DDR stand for?

What does the abbreviation DDR mean?

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Double inFormation rate (DDR) is the advanced version of Synchronous dynamic random get right of entry to reminiscence (SDRAM). SDRAM waits for cLock Signals earlier than responding to control inputs. DDR uses both the falling and rising edges of the clock signal. The difference between SDRAM and DDR isn't always the rate, however as an alternative how generally Data is transmitted with each cycle. DDR transfers facts two times in step with Clock Cycle, whereas SDRAM sends signals once in line with clock cycle. The equal frequencies are used for each. However, DDR uses each edges of the clock, while SDRAM Makes use of best one. DDR is old but remains in use, which includes for the Output of Analog-to-virtual converters. UPDATEd DDR variations are DDR2 and DDR3.

DDR is also referred to as dual pumped Charge, double pumped fee or double transition price.

Double Data Rate

DDR is used together with Microprocessors to carry statistics among the relevant processing uNit (CPU) and the north Bridge, that's one of the Chips in the core good judgment Chipset. This pathway is known as the the front-side Bus. DDR is likewise used for DDR SDRAM, Ultra-three SCSI, multiplied portraits ports and the HyperTransport Bus on AMD’s Athlon sixty four Processors. DDR has a reminiscence clock pace of at least 200MHz. The DDR quickly have become pretty famous as it become cHeaper, supplied double the Switch fee and consumed much less strength than older SDRAM Modules, which expended three.3 Volts compared to DDR's 2.6 volts. DDR also produces much less warmth than SDRAM. SDRAM became Obsolete as new requirements for DDR Synchronous DRAMs, as well as several different DDR-based Memory modules, were evolved through the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) Solid State Technology Association.

The DDR module makes use of a 184-pin connector. Both DDR and the more Moderen DDR2 use a sixty four-bit-wide Records bus. DDR2 and DDR3 use 240-pin twin inline reminiscence modules. To make certain the proper module is Inserted on the Motherboard effectively, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 modules are all keyed otherwise. Improving on DDR’s double pumPing, there are new modules with quad pumping. Quad information price pumping transmits statistics at 4 factors in the clock cycle. This module can provide four bits of facts in keeping with signal line consistent with clock cycle. Quad pumping operates at two times the frequency of the clock signal, at the same time as DDR operates on the identical frequency.

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